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Stylist Tips For Complete Style To Headwear

Hats are taking centre stage in the fashion world, and we love it! From beanies to fedoras and berets, fashionistas are wearing them on the streets and styling them on social media, reminding the world of why hats are timeless, beloved accessories. Now, if you are planning to join the trend–especially for the coming winter months–and seeking ways to make your hats not just necessities but also fashionable, here are your personal stylist’s tips on how to style your headwear.


1. How To Wear A Beanie.

Beanies are personality-filled, knitted headwear in various textures, from cotton to cashmere, wool and acrylic. They can be worn to hang out with friends, watch sports, and for almost every casual activity in the cool weather. To style a beanie for these occasions:

  • Choose your style

Beanies come in multi-coloured patterns and end with pompoms, cuffs, and unique knits. This provides you with multiple options for finding your footing with the trend. Cashmere beanies are an excellent choice if you prefer a warm, non-itchy, and soft hat. And for longevity and colours that won’t fade, acrylic beanies are great.

  • Prepare your hair

People are hesitant to wear hats because of the dreaded hat hair. On the bright side, this can be prevented.

First, before wearing a beanie, wash your hair and apply a leave-in conditioner to avoid the static a hat creates. Dry shampoo also adds volume to flat hair, combating that limp-hair hat effect.

Secondly, if your hair is long, wear it down so the beanie can smoothly adopt its casual, slouchy style. Avoid ponytails with this hat, as it will only create a clunky look. And if your hair is shorter, consider wearing a skull cap to maintain the style before donning a beanie. Opt for loose-fitting beanies that won’t mangle your curly hair.

And lastly, once you settle in warmer spaces, remove your beanie, as the warmth only creates a micro-climate that will end up in frizz.

  • Fold the beanie

Beanies are typically longer than required; therefore, the rims should be folded when you wear them. As an image consultant, I always advise that you fold the beanie to the length you feel most comfortable with while ensuring it’s just short enough to frame your face nicely.

  • Make the rear slouch.

Once you have your correct length with the front of the beanie, it’s time to focus on the back. Now, you don’t want to leave the rear of your beanie dangling without direction. So press it backward to create a nice little slouch and have a look come together nicely.

Beanies are a standout fashion accessory so when choosing some for your wardrobe, make sure to go bold and decorative. Choose the headwear that displays your personality the best!

2. How To Wear A Beret

The beret is a multi-functional headwear that solidified its place in the fashion world when Coco Chanel donned it in the 20th century. Soon, movie icons like Lauren Bacall and Marlene Dietrich took over the trend, introducing new and sophisticated ways to style it, and before we knew it, Gucci and Dior had it all over runways. With an origin dating so far back, one would think berets would have faded from the fashion world, but as a personal shopper, I can assure you that the unique hat continues to persevere. Here is how you can style your beret:

  • Choose your style

Berets are an accessory that can be worn for warmth in the wintry months, for cycling the park in the spring months, or for picnics in autumn. And each of these occasions allows for different variations in how berets are styled. So you can choose to sit the volume of the hat towards the back of your head, letting the hat frame your face. You can also opt for the classic French style and let it tilt to the side a la renaissance artist. Lastly, you can go for a complete, puffed look by wearing it without a tilt.

  • Style your hair down

Berets come with a fitting band; hence the best way to wear them is with your hair down. This can leave the tendrils to fall down your back or with a neat, low ponytail. Having voluminous hair beneath the hat will affect the sleek style or could leave it loose and likely to fall off!

  • Play with colours

Berets come in various colours, so you don’t have to settle for blacks or browns. As parts of my services involve mixing and matching complementary colours for an outfit, I’ll propose nudes, e.g. opting for a mustard yellow beret and pairing it with a cream turtleneck blouse and beige bottoms for a sophisticated look. Or a black beret with white and plaid for an edgier look.

Who is StyleSandra?

As a talented businesswoman and mother of two, Sandra Smith has worked in the style industry for over 20 years. She has successfully assisted clients across Canada, the USA and Europe as a personal stylist, helping with life-changing transformations.

Gaining experience as an international business coach Sandra has an uncanny ability to quickly look at someone and know how to bring out their best features. Combine this with her extensive corporate training and coaching, which has enabled her to provide an unparalleled style of service.

Today, Sandra can be available for her teenage children, occasionally on the radio co-hosting on 105.1 Mikefm, playing a great tennis game or enjoying some equestrians in the country.


3. The Know-How on A Fedora Hat

Fedora hats are known for their chic and almost artsy appearance. Popular for a pliable brim with an indented crown usually made from wool felt, and as a favorite of Frank Sinatra, it has been a fashion favorite for decades!

  • Decide on a brim size

Fedora hats come in both wide and slimmer brims. To protect your skin from sunlight, wider brims are a great choice. And if you have a long-shaped face this wide style will complement your face shape. Shorter brims are more of a fashion statement and perfect for smaller-sized heads.

  • Opt for softer colours

Fedora hats already are standout hats so they erase a need for overly bold colours or bright stripes to make a statement. To stay chic, go for softer hues such as gray, ivory, and beige. Visit Pinterest for more inspired hats with outfits.

  • Enjoy different styles

Fedoras can be worn tilted to the side, to the front, or sloping backward to give the face full attention. Test them all out to decide which suits you most!

And here are your personal stylist’s tips on how to style your headwear. Feel free to wear yours and tag me on IG @ladystylesandra.

Happy New Year and may the 2023 be your year. Personally feel that 2023 is going to be my year. Sign up to get all the new trends!



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