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Success is in understanding what it is you desire to create. Sharing the 'not working' aspects is easy. Your pain point is not feeling confident with whom you show up as. There are 5 phases prior to meeting your stylist. This has been designed to allow you to get to know your stylist. Furthermore; this also allows the time to break down exactly what you want and may need. 

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What colour do you love? What pair of shoes have you always wanted? The mood board which you will be creating, with your stylist guidelines & support will be a tool that will be forever evolving. This tool will serve you to ensure you are creating looks that you are able to visualize. Visualization equals success.  



Together we discuss what you are inspired by. This is a very important step, this is the foundation of your new style. Your personal style is 100% authentic to yours. It is built from your stylist listening and gently coaching you into areas that have not been considered. We share what holds you back in regards to your body image and find mental tools to overcome blocks.  

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Your first meeting has arrived. The objective is to remove what doesn't work for you. This is based on your mood board and the numerous conversations. You will learn how to dress your body shape, understand how to increase visual weight and where to refocus the accents. There have been times when this process has taken several appointments. This detoxification of your wardrobe is personal and never rushed. Your clothes have memories and we take as much time as you need.  

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 "Style is and always has been a form of communication." 


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