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Welcome to StyleSandra, your go-to personal styling service. You can now access monthly updated shopping items for your looks. Sign up to receive a free e-book and wardrobe checklist, and stay tuned for our upcoming digital course!

(get dressed with me)

Welcome to my shop my looks section! On my social media pages, I like to wear the latest and trendiest looks. I have compiled a catalogue with all my outfits that you can shop for and recreate. Follow me on Instagram or Facebook to stay up to date with my latest looks!

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Complete Style Mastery

My free ebook is the perfect starting point for anyone looking to improve their personal style.


It covers critical subjects such as body type, colour analysis, and wardrobe essentials. Stay tuned for my upcoming digital course, including step-by-step modules and pre-recorded videos to guide you through transforming your personal style.


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In my years of styling, I have seen it all. You've told me about your pain and how it holds you back.

That's not what I wish for you. I wish for you to feel beautiful in your clothes, that when you open the doors to your awaiting clothes you feel empowered and confident. 

This tool that I have created is to get you in the right step. Please send me an email and give me your feedback. I appreciate the time you have already taken to look into yourself. - love Sandra 

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