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Does your team need a team-building activity to refreshen ideas?   Want to build value by offering a style workshop to new hires?   Is the office attire looking too casual?

Workshop looking outside

We Got You

Style Workshop

The great idea is to offer a workshop to ignite interactive learning, building relationships, and problem-solving.  

This format is proven to help with bonding, and workshop participants may share their thoughts and ideas to get a fresh perspective on the subject. 


Our style workshop with our Stylist will meet with you and discuss the following: 

  • Clear and specific on the deliverables.

  • An agenda design that engages participants.

  • Interactive with Q&A

Sessions may cover body shape, colour analysis, and the critical season looks and offer a handful of fabulous fashion tips to enable smart wardrobe choices for the office and more efficient shopping.


All sessions are tailored to your target demographic and client needs.

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