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People say you look great, but it doesn't feel right. When you look in the mirror, you know it is not what you want.


You have some solid foundation pieces in your wardrobe; however not using them. You are ready for help and start feeling your style. 

stylesandra green outfit.jpg

We Got You

Style Maintenance 

This style package is moving you in the right direction. Working with you to create a personal style for the current season. Slowly building a look and transformation.  This is an excellent service if you are more budget-minded. 

This 10 hr in 30-DAY service gives you a turnaround service that includes removing old, incongruent articles that cause confusion and frustration. A list of new investment pieces will be suggested based on your budget and style profile. 
Receive the dependable service of your new styles in the comfort of your home, or opt-in to be styled at our elegant & inviting Atelier


Create new outfit sets and, all the while, learn how to dress your new-found style! Ohh-la-la, sign up today! 

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