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At StyleSandra, I pride myself on being a personal stylist who knows how to dress my clients to perfection. By listening to your needs and personal style preferences, I am able to create looks that make you feel confident and stylish. My satisfied clients have praised my attention to detail and my ability to completely transform their wardrobes. See for yourself and read through some of our testimonials.

She listened to me

Sandra was such a pleasure to work with. She listened to me and what I was looking for, and she listened even more, when I got lost.
She will take you through the whole process with care and fun. We laughed a lot, and the entire process felt almost effortless for me, and now I'm feeling delighted looking at my new wardrobe. The most critical part for me was that I never felt pressured by Sandra to do or buy anything she got for me. And that made me feel at ease, and I appreciated that. I absolutely recommend her as she will go above and beyond to create your new style, and she will do it lovingly.

-Sasha Okun

A comprehensive approach..."

It's the first time I get such quality help with my way of dressing. I’ve had friends advise me on one outfit or another but I never got the global approach of comparing many outfits and figuring out what look works for my body type. A more comprehensive approach rather than just trying on a bunch of pairs of jeans or dresses and choosing the best. This was about putting the whole look together. Favourite tidbits- obviously the half-tuck, I never realized I didn’t have to be able to close a suit jacket, creating movement, softness, your advice for my hair which has been bugging me for years, and the list goes on!  Thank you!

-Sophie Constantacos

Wardrobe Detox

Really enjoyed my wardrobe consultation with Sandra. She puts outfits together that I would never have thought of. I also had a good detox of my wardrobe and got rid of things I knew did nothing for me but just hung onto for no particular reason. I didn’t realize I had so many nice things and now my closet is all colour-coordinated. It looks very impressive when you open it up. Cannot thank you enough.

-Sara L.

Love my look

Thank you so much.  I really enjoyed the morning and so appreciated your knowledge and experience.  It’s given me confidence and real focus. I’m now looking forward to the shop tomorrow armed with your advice and suggestions!  Thank you again so much!  I thought this was a fantastic service and really worth the consultation for the confidence and focus.  Thank you!  It was lovely to meet you and be inspired!

--Helen K 
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