Virtual Styling & Shopping Service,

Style Maintenance & Wardrobe Brand Styling.

Virtual Styling                            starting at $289


There has been an increase in demand for virtual styling due to Covid-19. Our shopping & style maintenance services are a great success.  Thank you!

We offer the same shopping experience online for you and allow you to continue to create your personalized style.


Looking for specific looks or need relief with online shopping success, we can help. 


Shopping Service                            starting at $599

Let's get you started with a conversation with your goals in mind.


You may have a love/hate with shopping; moreover, both of these feelings are overwhelming.

A Pinterest board with all your inspirational looks will better enable us to streamline your outfits.  We create a 4 hr schedule of shops to start building your new look. We provide you on the spot style tips for your body shape to keep you at your best even we step away. Wanting some BFF shopping? We can help. 


"You don't dress for today; you dress for your vision."


Personal Shopper & Stylist

Style Maintenance                        

You want to find your style and rid of what you are not using.


We get you started with a personal profile questionnaire to organize all of your likes and dislikes.  We form looks in Pinterest based on our conversations and the information that you have provided.  The 10-hour service is about producing guaranteed results in creating your authentic look.  


Your first housecall is about body shape, personalized coaching and removing the no.  Based on your budget, we shop for your additional pieces to balance out your wardrobe.  


Your second housecall is matching, creating and characterizing your new looks based on your lifestyle.  Same frustrations?

We can help.  


"During these times, it's even more important to continue to dress for your goals"


Personal Shopper & Stylist

Wardrobe Brand Styling 

Some may have called it a lousy fashion sense, but you know the truth. You have spent all of your time, energy and money growing your business. 

This highly successful style service is about creating a harmonious powerful end product. 

Typically the clothing inventory of this type of person is high and outdated.  Through conversation, we can build a personal brand that is congruent with your business.  

The 20 hours of corporate coaching services consider your business values and personal goals, including your image, style, and accessories.

You are an entrepreneur. You expect a complete shift of style and cognition; we can help. 


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