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Special Event Shopping Service                        starting at $599

You have a special occasion and are worried about what to wearConsider this service as you step out with your BFF.  


Your day will be finding the perfect outfit and accessories, thus ensuring you are 100% fitted! 


Your three-hour shopping will feel relaxing, fun, and well planned out. When packing your vehicle to head home, rest assured that this may have been one of the best experiences you have ever had. 


Be styled in 30 days, and see your transformation.




Something is missing regarding your look, but you can't put your finger on it. People say you look great, but it doesn't feel right. You think you own solid foundation pieces but need something to wear!


30-DAY gives you the turnaround service, including removing items that may be incongruent and cause confusion and frustration. A list of new investment pieces will be suggested based on your budget and your style profile


Receive the dependable service of your new styles in the comfort of your home. You will have ample time to try on all your new looks! Create new outfit sets and, all the while, learn how to dress your new-found style all in 30-days. 


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The way you show up has everything to do with your narrative and this supersedes all of your desires & goals. 


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You are 100% committed to your business and focused on strengthening your company's top line. 


Thinking about what to wear has been the last thing on your agenda. Of late, you have started to notice your lack of style or want something that truly reflects you.  You are ready to hire a professional that knows what needs to happen to move your style to the next level. A stylist who understands your time is valuable and connects to your speed. 


Wardrobe Brand Styling is a powerful twenty-hour service package that will uncover, remove and provide you with turn-key service.  Furthermore, you will have accesses to my app with all you new investments, lookbook and pictures!


Your brand is created based on your lifestyle, goals and down how you hold yourself, details and skincare. 


This service includes twenty-five years of experience boiled down to creating a look, style and brand that genuinely feels phenomenal.