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2020 Top Shoe Trend

If there is one thing I am not able to resist, it's shoes ! The shoe doesn't care your body type, the skin tone or when you 'should' be wearing it. The shoe, in my opinion is about expressing my feelings. The strappy shoe, the slip on mule or the unresistable bootie. They are all beautiful. Amen !

The new wave of shoe styles are going to turn your head. The new twist on the loafer that is all so 90's inspired. The reinvented platforms to the high colourful Mary Janes. The very hanging chains and the wrap around the leg. All beautiful and so much easier to incorporate into your office look.

Let's get you ready for the new looks coming your way.



Loving the idea that the ankle bracelet is back ! This little accessory is easily found on shoes and booties. Adding more sparkle in your day just got a whole easier !

photo: vogue runway



Great trend for your summer looks. Go's with absolutely everything ! Go for it or them.



The look of the bootie has really expanded and the ability to create new and unique looks will be fun. Getting in-tuned with the new flo colours, the uber creative heal and add in some wild print or cowboy, you really you can't make any mistake. Match this with your best jeans, leggings and mid length shorts - I can't wait.

Let me introduce myself to you. My name is

. When I first started out my business in 1996 I was coaching companies around the world. One day I was brought in to the world of personal stylist I guess by chance. I really should not have been surprised. Today I work with women and men who are leaders or who aspire to be. My gift is taking all the business coaching and the style knowledge and bridge them together for you. Thus; the Personal Branding. Working with your to create a strong brand that feels powerful, authentic and natural.

Book a discovery 20 min call for more details. Would love the chance to chat and work with you.



These loafers are a combination between Mary Jane, and the unexpected. The loafer with a platform or even the wildest print. Every designer house was showcasing them. Can't wait to wear mine with the high waisted pant with a waistcoat. Very very feminine.

If you are wanting or neeeeeding more ideas on the 2020 shoe trend alert then go to my Pinterest page where you will see my crazy obsession with all kinda shoes. Follow me for I am always adding more pins. @stylesandra

Happy February Hon. You can always reach me on insta for your daily inspiration. xo - Sandra


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