Top 7 Must-Do Reasons Why The "Style Maintenance" is Your Answer to All 

With all of your money which you have invested in your wardrobe and it sits there not being worn ! Some may not fit, some are over 10 years old and you still have no idea what to wear. This is the time to get detoxed from your old clothes, and pumped to your new look. Get the full service with not having to wonder around the stores getting a headache. Know what looks good on you and get ready to feel confident

-Expect 10 hours of my undivided attention.

-Create personalized style profile.

-Quick Detox of clothes not working in your wardrobe.

-Start to dress for your body type.

-Wear the colours that make you glow. 

-Get turn-key service delivery of all new wardrobe pieces at your home.

-25 new style creations today.

Why Choosing The "Shopping Service" Will Eliminate all of Your Headaches 

One of the main issues with your shopping habits is you you are not planing it.  You go out and end up buying the same thing or may even buy a new out of the box - but how do you mix it with your other clothes? Stop wasting your money on clothes you already own, only buying black or clothes too big. Shopping with an expert knows exactly what needs to be done. 

This is the perfect package to take your style to the next level quickly.   


-Expect 4 hours of glorious shopping 

-Personalized Style Profile 

-A clear action plan of our time

-Shopping in stores that suit your style

-25 new guaranteed style creations

-Flexible to add more time.


Understand How The "Wardrobe Brand Styling" Is A Must For Your Business. 

Over the years you have really done all you could to create a successful business and you sacrificed the things of luxury.  You are in a position where you are noticing that other people are well dressed, and have a great personal branding.  But not you. This branding is done with intention. When you work with StyleSandra you are understood.  You as an individual has a unique view and your view is created through my highly personalized service.  You are looking for a new branding to compliment or elevate your brand then this is exactly what you need. Follow in the footsteps of many other successful CEO's and bring you to the next level. 

-over 20 hours of personalized styling

-complete detox of the entire seasonal wardrobe

-personalized style profile

-vision board to reflect your look

-image consulting to reflect your vision

-coaching for dressing your body type

-identify your colour palette to bring out your best

-enjoy new clothing combination

-zero stress home delivery 

-access to new clothing styles 

-create compete cross styling