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September Style

The weather in September is the first signal that we are entering the sleepy phase of our Canadian climate. And this means a shift in my wardrobe. It's time to consider renewing some older items and upgrading or reinventing.

The transition to the layering of tops and hidden cami's too bold blazers with this year's colours get me all soft in the knees! Yes, I am so excited to show you!

When winter eventually comes around, I like to know that I am at least ready with my furry gloves and sexy coats for complete warmth and that my style comes across as fun, sexy and bold.

What do you want your style to say about you?

As a personal stylist, I admit that my approach to outfits has so much more to do with style than trends. But in the same breath, I also like to add the latest trend to my look.

So how do you manage to enjoy the weather, look nice, and feel confident? You'd need a wardrobe that solves all three problems for you. Thinking about that can be exhausting, but I'm here to take that off your shoulders. I've put together some pieces that feel so September. For quick access, follow the link (here).

Caden Black Leather Pants

Leather pants are and have always been a must-have in my wardrobe. It's an accessible collection in every confident woman's wardrobe, whether I go all professional at the office, dinner with the girls or downplay it with a casual look. (Look HERE are tips on how to). It's a superb choice because it's lightweight, moves better with the body, and isn't sticky like regular leather. You wear and go and stay confident throughout the day. Turn up your confidence in September by shopping these leather pants here.

Caden Black Leather Pants.

Mary Crocodile Embossed Bootieá

Balancing style and comfort with footwear seem difficult when you think about it. My goal is to walk confidently in a shoe that I like. This leather boot is an excellent choice for you. It's elegant—the pointed toe and snake-like leather finish. It's perfect for the workday, casual with jeans, and any other activity you can think of where you need to pour out a generous amount of elegance. It can never go wrong with slacks, maxi or min skirt. You can get this boot when you shop here.

Mary Crocodile Embossed Bootieá

Silky Scarf-Neck Shirt

There's a magic that comes when I wear silk. I automatically feel beautiful. Clothes like that that positively affect your mood are a must-have. This scarf-neck shirt is just that. It sits lightly on your skin and radiates your calm in the outside world. Clothes express how we feel on the inside. The scarf-neck shirt works. I can't wait to get mine! (Watch reel here) It works well on jeans, slacks, or skirts, and I will pair it with cream & midnight blue colours. Click here to shop for this shirt.

Silky Scarf-Neck Shirt

Faux Leather Trench Coat

Don't be discouraged by the fact that this jacket is faux leather. Made from vegan leather, so it's lighter than the usual leather. However, it's an excellent choice to make in September. Who doesn't want to wear a jacket and not feel burdened by it? This jacket gives you all that with a conscience free of polluting the earth. You can trust the quality of the material to withstand any situation. It goes well with a jumpsuit, a dress—ankle or knee length—a shirt, and jean pants. Whatever you choose, the jacket will fit. Follow here to shop the faux leather trench coat.

Faux Leather Trench Coat

Last week I tried all of these items, and I am over the moon, for it is everything you want for a fall updated needs/looks! If you need to see how I have paired it or wonder why I love it, follow me on Instagram.

Which item is going to be your new addition? How incredible are these pieces? I look forward to chatting with you!

Your Stylist - Sandra

Instagram: @ladystylesandra

TikTok: @stylesandra

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