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"Personal Radiate: Embrace Light Colours to Illuminate Your Face!"

'To go light or dark?'

As a lady, this is likely a decision you stand before your wardrobe and grapple with daily. Should I wear a black outfit? The cream blouse or the black one? Today, your style coach is here to tell you to go light. You might wonder why and even argue that dark colours are the best options for a more dramatic look which matches everything. While this is true, dark colours also come with disadvantages.

The downsides of dark colours

Wearing a black or deep-brown blouse, for instance, will create shadows on your face, making you look severe, and it brings out the tired. Wearing dark colours around your face also gives an aggressive aura while aging your look. It emphasizes the shadows beneath the eyes and ears while making wrinkles look more profound. Wearing black has also been linked to looking aloof. I like an excellent aloof look now and then, but it does work against you for business events.

Now, this isn't to say that dark colours should be scrapped permanently from your wardrobe or that the advantage of convenience isn't worth it. Instead, they are only sometimes the best choice to wear around your face!

The benefits of light colours

On the other hand, having luminous colours around your face will flatter your complexion. They give you a welcoming aura while also dialling up your confidence. White, cream, and pastels, especially, will make your face glow while making you look younger. To know if you are a warm, cold or neutral skin tone, refer to my last blog post.

The three style tips on how to bring light to your face are:

Style Tip #1: Update Your Makeup

The makeup world is still raving about the highlighter and contour technique, which is favourable for bringing light hues to your face. Therefore, if you have yet to use this technique, now is the time to start. Different styles of applying light and dark concealers to achieve different looks exist. However, the best processes utilize the lighter concealer to bring a shine to your face. Apply the light concealer under your eyes, on your cheeks, your forehead, and the bridge of your nose to make it glisten.

Next, take your highlighter–no other product makes the face shimmer better than a highlighter! Apply it on the bridge of your nose, your cheekbones, and the arches of your brows for optimum effect. Note that even when you don't have the time to contour your face, adding highlights before stepping out will make your face radiant.

Sandra is a mother of two who's helped countless individuals transform their wardrobes and feel confident in their skin. With over 20 years of experience in the style industry, Sandra has an eye for fashion and a talent for empowering others to look and feel their best.

Sandra has an uncanny ability to assess her clients quickly and knows how to bring out their best features. Combined with her extensive corporate training and coaching experience, Sandra's approach is personalized and tailored to each client's unique needs and preferences, ensuring that they feel chic, sophisticated, comfortable, and authentic.

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Style Tip #2: Find the Colours that Irradiate You

Knowing which colours work best for you is essential to enjoy the benefits of bright colours. A personal stylist tip is to know that not all bright hues will flatter everyone. For instance, that beige looks great on Carla with the blonde hair doesn't mean it would also look good on Jane with the jet-black hair. The beaming shades that complement our features are unique based on our skin tone and undertone, the colours of our hair, and age.

  • For skin tones

For warm skin tones or tanned complexions, primary colours such as red, orange, and yellow will be great matches for you! You can explore further with cream, magenta, baby blue, purple, coral, and fuchsia. Green, blue, and violet are suitable primary colours around your face if you have a cool undertone or paler skin. Other tones to explore are wintergreen, cyan, seafoam green, turquoise, pastels, icy white, aqua, etc.

  • For hair

Your hair also plays a significant role in selecting what colours you should wear. If you have gorgeous brown or black hair, you already have a darker look and will require specific colours to make your face pop. These colours include white, pastels, rich blues and reds, and lovely blush shades such as peach, beige, and ivory.

If you have pale blonde hair, harmonious light colours include lavender and turquoise, which won't overpower your complexion but support your hair colour to make your face shine. For yellow-blonde hair, oranges and reds will play with your hair to create a vibrant effect. Metallic is also fabulous for blonde hair. Go gold, champagne, or silver for glamour!

Lastly, it is easy for redheads to lean on black and brown tops as a default choice. However, compatible shades that will also make your face glow are emerald green, ice blue, and electric purple.

Style Tip #3: Complement With Lucent Accessories

The final, personal stylist tip for bringing light to your face is to choose bright accessories. This tip is so convenient as there are numerous accessories we wear on our necks, head, and ears, and they include:

  • Hats

If you're a hat person, wearing vivid hats is a beautiful way to make your face glow. It can be beanies, wide-brimmed hats, or berets; instead of always wearing black and dark-blue, substitute with the best primary colours for your skin. Bright colours attract light, and when you don colourful hats, it'll bring the day's glow to your face.

  • Scarves

Another accessory to enhance your facial complexion is the scarf. Don't stick with dark scarves. These will layer your neck and jaw, up to your temples, with shadows, which brings that aged look mentioned earlier. Opt for vibrant merges of colours, starting with scarves with white or cream in them. You'll be surprised by how much this simple choice will sprinkle radiance on your appearance. A bright scarf will reflect light on your face and neck, making you look vibrant.

  • Jewelry

Lastly, your jewelry can either make your face appear luminous or dour. Now, you can't go wrong with either gold or silver for earrings and necklaces since both are sparkly hence flattering. However, when it comes to statement or non-metal jewelry, you must choose carefully! Black and brown statement earrings or chokers are a fast way to add a sober and grim aura to your ensemble. Your atmosphere will be welcoming when you wear yellow, red, pink, or blue.

There are so many benefits to wearing light colours around your face, and a radiant, youthful aura is just the start. Put these tips above to practice so that you can dazzle!


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