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Hot items you probably have in your wardrobe

Hi beauty, how are you? How's your week?

I started the week with a mandate to share 'what to wear with your honey' on Valentine's day. And honestly, I was not feeling it. I am sorry. With being at home, no friends and well, I am having an affair with my fridge. Enough said.

I hope you can let me slide by this

If you are anything like me, I have binge-watching Netflix and or oscillating to social media. However, there've been several trends that keep coming up, and I feel you need to know. Influencers are dictating the fashion trends. Here are some excellent ideas that you probably already have hanging in the back of your wardrobe.

THE BELT. The logo belt is nothing new, but it has moved up in the ranks of style. Once only known for holding up your pants to this accessory being the talk of the town.

These ladies from insta capture the idea of the new accessory!

1. @adwokat_agata_michalewics, 2. @ohmyvogue, 3. @florencerasa

THE BRALETTE. This little number is comparable to a bikini top without wire. The ultimate purpose is to have something lightweight, fun, and a tad sexy. Love all of mine!

1. @honeybodywrap, 2., 3. @aritziaoutfits

All the influencers are making this number a main-stream thing. I have been wearing it for several years now, but as a lady hidden under a strapless spaghetti dress.

Pair your bralette with jeans or leggings for the full effect. Add an oversized blazer that is tone on tone. When I say this is a real foundation piece, we will see more of all summer!

THE BIG SHOULDERS ARE IN! Honestly, I love big shoulders. There are some of you rolling your eyes right now thinking ..." oh, if you only had my football shoulders....", yeah, even so, darling!

The large shoulder pads for the tees are fun. They are all high neck to allow you to create a fabulous silhouette with your twins. We will also start to see puffy balloon arms tops, and the neckline is more angular square. Again, this summer is going to be sexy and spicy with these styles. TIP: Keep the bottom style fitted. Create a balance between large and slim.

1. @sandramadjdidi, 2. @stylefoo, 3. @chicguy20

THE MATCHY-MATCHY. To my initial horror, this is back. The matchy-matchy is NOT matching your earrings, necklace, belt and purse altogether for some of you. That was what your mom did, and that phase is over.

This two piece set is identical, the top and bottom. Think jogging suit on matcha. The new trend is full of colours, and inventive shapes and fabric. Add little white booties (yeah) or wedges - white or chunky heeled boots. This look is fun. Imagine creating this look with something silk and rich.

1. @jasonwu, 2. @whowhatwearuk, 3. @coltrane

FULL OUT COLOUR. How I wish I would be a fly on the wall to see your real struggle for this one. It is a real break from the comfort zone! Know that I am here for you as your guide. Merely schedule a call here; I will work out the details. Here I will guide you into your rhythm, create some new looks and give you personalized coaching.

Since 2019, the runway is showing off the colours, but 2020 had other plans for us. The idea is to go entirely without reserve. Access all the opposite colours and wear them with confidence. Caution, keep it to solids unless you are an expert. ;)

1. @Alice+Olivia, 2. @jasonwu, 3. @pinterest

DRESSES IN THE MINI. The mini dress is here again. And we can expect sweet, innocent and full of life tendencies. Full of delicate patterns, loose A-line, and then grab your belt. Add a great pair of calf boots with a kitten heel, and your look is city meets a day in the Hamptons.

1. @bulgari, 2. @blaireadiebee, 3. @valentino

The critical element in all of these looks? Experiment. Not all dress, cuts or colours are equal. In my experience, you know what looks good on you. You understand that a v-neck is better than a turtle neck. Listen to your inner voice, and if that doesn't work, I am here to advise you with a personalized program to influence you to the next level.

Sending you warm hugs, and know that you are fantastic.

xoxo Sandra

Ps. Please send me your feedback and questions. I always love hearing from you.

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