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What's your business, and who are your customers?


Do you wish you knew how to dress for your body shape? Know how to put your looks together? Have the confidence to say your look and style are on point? I have a service that solves all of these! For busy medium-size companies/entrepreneurs who don't have the time to consider their personal style brand. Our service assists, coaches & aligns. Unlike our competition, we have a strong business background to understand the needs. And with our unique app, clients can assess their clothing investments and enjoy personalized styled looks. 

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Image by Bailey Burton

"What a great experience this has been! Sandra knows what she is doing. She has provided excellent styling service, she took her time to get to know me first, and her style is very personalized. Our day in Montreal was just amazing! One of my best outings.

We had so much fun together, she is very professional and fun! I now have a new stylist and a friend. Thanks again, and see you soon!"

Stephanie S.

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When you sign up you get access to a tonne of resources that create a shift in your style. Many believe that dressing well is a form of 'showing off' or 'trying to please others.' They can not be more wrong


Style is aligning yourself to your goals. A style is a form of communication to your desires. It has been proven, that when you wear something you perceive as powerful, you are experiencing Enclothed Cognition.  Access is free.

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Things I absolutely adore

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September Finds

See how I see the trends. Carefully chosen to expand your wardrobe and get you to try new styles. 

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Jewelry with Precious Gems

Unique pieces that complete your style. The finished product is confident and bold. 

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No Hassel Bra

For the past 3 months, I have been wearing this bra - even if I don't have too. Yes, that is comfortable! 

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