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Elevating YOU
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Do you wish you knew how to dress for your body shape? Or how to put multiple outfits together from pieces you already own?  

You’re not alone. 


Did you know that most people only wear 15—20% of their clothes? 


What if I told you there’s a service where you’d end up with 25 new outfits in 3 hours?

Welcome to StyleSandra.


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Be prepared for your 3-hour personalized personal styling session & image consulting to discuss you!​


Yes, we understand and have a solution. 

Style Workshop

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People say you look great, but it doesn't feel right. When you look in the mirror, you know it is not what you want. 

Yes, we understand and have a solution. 

Style Maintence 

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You are 100% committed to your business.​


There is no time to decide what to wear.  Forget the idea of understanding what the new styles are.  There is a gap between what you have and what you want.  You don't need to understand; you need immediate help. 

Wardrobe Brand Styling

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Do you get a sense of self-disappointment when you don't know what to wear? Additionally, the feel of chaos because your personal space needs to be more organized or controlled.

Yes, we understand and we have a solution.

Home Closet Remix

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I totally recommend Sandra as a Personal Stylist. She takes the time to know you, to understand where your current style is coming from. Identifies the challenges and highlights the strengths. Her advice is straight forward, comprehensive and easy to follow. I will definitely come back for more advice in the next season.

Paola Baca


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