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How Your Work Outfits are Failing You

What you wear at the office has turned into a discussion that can really go either way. There is a trend where wearing sneakers to work has become 'acceptable', and a ball cap at work has become the norm. You may want to dress like the late Steve Jobs with his signature turtle neck and washed-out jeans or you may want to be the JLO of the office BUT I am here to tell you .... you are setting yourself up for FAILURE.

Now, before you go all mad on me, let me help you out.

THE SUIT. If are not sure about the suit, then think again. When you wear a suit you are telling the co-workers that you are serious about your work. Your every intention has been set: I'M MOVING UP. 

a) To create your individual style, try a suit with a bold print. A simple way to tone it down is to add a neutral tone top. No designs, no-frills and no collar. 

b) Trending now is the suit blazer with the knee-high shorts. Nice spin on the skirt & pants. Still very simple to incorporate into your everyday office look. Becare careful of the cut of your suit for they are not all made for the same body types. Get to know your body type here and buy accordingly. 


 I have this thing, I hate seeing a woman wear an all-cotton Oxford shirt that was made for 'the man'. With all the possibilities in design, style, and options I just feel you could do so much better. Go to my Pinterest page 'The Blouse' to get some idea. 

It is easy to become stylish with just a simple change of top. Show your creativity by making small adjustments and you will be noticed.

a) How about the cut-out top? Adding a top that has a sparse cut out on the arm or shoulder can add a daring aspect to your look. You are showing you have a side to you that can step out and be apart from the team.

b) Bold Statement top mixes up the options. What commonly happens with your office look is that you become predictable. The real issue is we become lazy or complacent with our being. Being able to step out and create a bold design shows that you have confidence.

c) Peek-a-boo Top is the best and most fun of all if you are willing. Wearing an all sheer top with a strong dark tank top beneath is all about being 'above' the rest. Excuse the play on words. Ensure the sheer top is loose but the shoulders and arm wrist are fitted.


As a style coach, personal stylist and brand creator since 1996 I have some strong beliefs. For starters, I believe that before you decide to change anything you need to start at the beginning. 

What is it you want? 

If you are thinking of a move, start your own business or you maybe 100% satisfied with your work-life now - The KEY IS TO KNOW what you want. From there you can start deciding what look you wish to create for yourself. The only failure is not taking the time and living in the waiting room of life. 

I once read on someone's desk. What would you attempt to do if you could not fail? 

xo - Sandra 


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