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How are you adjusting to your new reality at staying home? Let's be honest, this is tough, it sucks and eventually, all emotions of sadness, anger and frustration arise. We are human, it's very normal. Don't stress about it.

Now during these times it is uber important to keep 'dressing for success'. There have been many studies in Enclothed Cognition. Oh yes, it is very real.

Enclothed cognition: captures the systematic influence that clothes have on the wearer's psychological processes. It is part of a larger field of research that examines how humans think with both their brains and their bodies, an area of study known as embodied cognition.

As a self-employed Personal Stylist I know that wearing pyjamas and sweats all day does not foster a focused mind. It helps to put on 'real clothes' to increase my productivity.

To start you off here is a quick video to help you to "get how to wear a tee with everything".

So, as I hate to break it to you, the pain of not knowing what to wear is still here, it has not gone away.

You need to Level Up your Style.

Having a great relationship, a great tennis game, great work results and yes even a great wardrobe takes work. Instead of ignoring the pain, why not embrace it now?

Virtual Styling

Due to these new times, I have reactivated this program. Due to the great accessibility of technology it doesn't matter where you live, we can make this happen. You get all the same benefits of my personal styling-virtually. When we spend time together you can wear your most comfy outfit!


● Virtual Styling session where we go through your closet.

● Your Personalized Profiling System to nail down your wants & needs.aesthetic preference. Let's have some fun while you benefit by being empowered while I am teaching you.

●Teach you styling tips and tricks to level up your look.

● Personalized mood boards that we make together.

● 2-hour session with me on Skype or Zoom

● Personalized summary sent to you.

Promotional Service $289 +tax where applicable.

Thus; during these times, it is uber important to keep 'dressing for success' is very clear that there are correlations between mood, productivity and aesthetic preference. Let's have some fun while you benefit by being empowered while I am coaching you.

Share with a friend who may enjoy a little distraction.

Love you to bits! -Sandra


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