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Simple Ways To Create Back-Up Outfits

Do you constantly find yourself standing in front of a packed wardrobe–and still have no idea what to wear out? The clock is ticking, so you start throwing on random pants and shirts, but none of the pairs fit together for some reason. You end up wiggling into a creased dress that doesn’t need layers and head out looking like you slept in your clothes.

It sounds horrifying, but we’ve all been there. As a fashion stylist, I’ll tell you that creating backup outfits is the best way to avoid this situation. These standby clothes are classy, comfortable, and ready to save the day. Creating backup businesses will help you optimize your precious dressing time and spare you that sense of disorientation that follows a wardrobe scramble and leaves you feeling uncomfortable all day long.

To create your backup outfits, here are a personal stylist’s steps to follows:

Step 1: Seek Inspiration and Choose Your Top Pairs

The first step to creating your backup outfit is picking out apparel you love. We look good to feel good, and if you wear clothes you don’t like, you won’t feel great. Therefore you want to set up options that will have you feeling fabulous and ready to take on the day each time you step out.

And this sparks up a new predicament. You like most of your clothes, and it’s hard to choose. Well then, you can begin by seeking inspiration and image consulting. To find fantastic inspiration, you can visit my Pinterest page here. Having a reference jogs up ideas and makes the process easier and a whole lot of fun.

What occasions are you making your backups for? Work? Outings? Visits? Keep this in mind while deciding on your two top pairs. Once you know the looks you’re gearing toward, opt for:

  • Your top two pairs of pants

  • Your top two blazers

  • Your top two dresses

  • And your top two sweaters

Step 2: Make Certain They Are Versatile

Now that you have a clear idea of the apparel you want, you must ensure they are versatile. You don’t want to choose zebra print pants and a bubblegum-pink shirt as your work backups only to require your backup on a day of work presentation where subtle fashion would serve you best.

As a personal stylist, I first advise combining subtle colours with brighter ones. For instance, choose a leopard print blouse and a simple, pinstripe blouse for work. Next are a pair of navy dress pants and white, wide-leg pants.

With these, you have the perfect options set out for you. The leopard print blouse and wide-leg dress pants will be ideal if you face a wardrobe emergency on a simple workday. And if the crisis is on a strictly formal day, the pinstripe blouse and navy dress pants will come to the rescue.

The next aspect of versatility to consider is the weather. Note that your chosen backups won’t serve for every season of the year, so you need to change them at the start.

-Mix your floral dresses with jackets and sweaters for rainy days in spring. Mix your bright-hued blouses with darker hues in the summer to avoid visible sweat marks on your clothes on sweltering days.

-For autumn, have ready your shearling jackets, puddle pants, leather trench coats and jeans.

-Lastly, for winter, prepare backups for the earlier winter days, which aren’t quite as cold as midwinter, with lighter and heavier layers, respectively.

Step 3: Create Your Backup Look

You have chosen apparel that makes you feel great and is versatile for every occasion; well done! Now, it’s time to create your complete looks. Why? Well, it’s not enough to pick out the garments and store them up because on days when you’re harried and in a hurry, nothing will feel like it’s coming well together. So it would be best if you had your looks prepared and ready.

Again, you can look to Pinterest for inspiration to mix and match effectively. I also have a wardrobe app to get you started, so inquire about the packages. Once you have your looks ready, take flat-lay pictures of them.

Remember that you don’t want to take random photos because the fashion appeal is just like food. If it isn’t served appetizingly, you’ll lose your appetite. In the same way, if you take poor photos of your looks, you won’t feel excited to wear them when the need arises. Here are tips on how to take good flat-lay photos:

  • Choose a flat, big surface: Your bed or a large desk. You can also use your floor and prep it with a sheet. Choosing a sizeable cover will give you sufficient room to lay out your garments properly.

  • Arrange your clothes: Set up your ensemble as you will wear them and ensure they are arranged neatly.

  • Find good lighting: Natural lighting is the best type of lighting, so set up near a window and take photos during the day. If you work on weekdays, you can plan this around the weekend. And if there’s no time, good artificial lighting can also do the trick.

  • Take your shots from above: The best angle is from above when taking flat-lay pictures. Stand on a chair or bed frame to get a neat shot. Avoid taking shots from side angles or crouched, or the photos may look skewed.

  • Choose your favourite shots: Look through the results. Delete unflattering photos and choose those that make your ensemble feel exciting.

Who is Sandra?

As a talented businesswoman and mother of two, Sandra Smith has worked in the style industry for over 20 years. She has successfully assisted clients across Canada, the USA and Europe as a personal stylist, helping with life-changing transformations.

Gaining experience as an international business coach Sandra has an uncanny ability to quickly look at someone and know how to bring out their best features. Combine this with her extensive corporate training and coaching, which has enabled her to provide an unparalleled style of service.

Today, Sandra can be available for her teenage children, occasionally on the radio co-hosting on 105.1 Mikefm, playing a great tennis game or enjoying some equestrians in the country.


Now that you have the right pictures save them on your phone as your favourites. And whenever you’re confused about what to wear, take out your phone and swipe for your two top options.

Love Sandra - your stylist.

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Marilyn Grant
Jan 30, 2023

Wonderful post and lovely photos. I hadn't thought much about backup clothes and the benefits but this looks like a great idea for working women :)

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