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Pantone Colors For 2022-2023 Fashion Week

For years, the Pantone Color Institute has forecasted colour trends for the fashion world. From runway fashion to formal wear trends, Pantone sets the tone fashion lovers lean toward all year long. Recently, the icons released the fashion colour trend report of their top hues at the 2022-2023 Fashion Week, and here are six of the most outstanding!

Pantone 14-0851 (Samoan Sun)

The Samoan Sun is a delightful hue that will sprinkle the vibrancy of summer in the winter while highlighting the often underrated yellow tint of autumnal colours in the fall. This shade is also perfect for days when you want a muted yellow. It can serve as a canvas for you to build a look upon. Even better, you can pair it with anything from black to white without concern of mismatching.

Pantone 17-2624 (Rose Violet)

One of the best parts of the colour powerhouse's palette is that the 2022-2023 chosen shades touch on the most beloved colours. The rose violet is a shade of purple with a strong red undertone that bespeaks freshness and positivity. Pantone's reasoning for choosing purple as the colour of the year alludes to the changing time and because it holds a mirror to the current 'mood of the world.'

Pantone 18-1552 (Lava Falls)

The shade, Lava Falls, is one Pantone predicts to be dominant, especially amongst the present fall and winter collections. This shade of red is daring while also exuding an aura of maturity and calm. One of the best features of Lava Falls is how it complements almost every skin tone. Wearing this colour at formal events will make you stand out and be perceived as the bold, confident woman you are.

Pantone 18-6024 (Amazon)

As its name depicts, Amazon is a lush and prolific shade of green that can be paired with other hues of green, as it has been beautifully displayed on the runway. Different fashionable colours to harmonize this shade with are shades of white and pale blue. Green is a dependable, calm colour that stands out, making it fantastic for work, seminars, and formal events.

Pantone 14-4618 (Waterspout)

The Waterspout is a vibrant teal-like colour that is taking the fashion world by storm. On the red carpet and Instagram, celebrities explore the colour Pantone, a hue that 'cools and refreshes.' Waterspout is an effortless colour; hence can be worn as blazers and paired with a nude brown camisole or as pantsuits for a chic vibe.

Pantone 18-1148 (Caramel Cafe)

This shade of brown from the Pantone chosen palette is described as a 'delicious brown hue that tastefully tempts.' So for any who considers brown boring, Pantone made it more interesting by highlighting this shade. This colour can be combined with a darker brown plaid or orange for seamless colour harmony.

Stay tuned for next post on the remaining colours. Looking forward to sharing this must have style trend.

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The 2022-2023 colour palette includes Orange Tiger, Nosegay, Midnight, Martini Olive, Artic Wolf, Polar Night, Loden Frost, and Chiseled Stone.

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