Due to these new times, I have re-activated the Virtual Styling program. With excellent accessibility to technology, it doesn't matter where you live; we can make this happen together. You get all the same benefits from my styling-virtually. When we spend time together, you can wear your most comfy outfit! 
        ● Virtual Styling session where we go through your closet.
        ● Your Personalized Profiling System to nail down your wants & needs.
        ●Teach you styling tips and tricks to level up your look.
        ● Personalized mood boards that we make together.
        ● 2-hour session with me on Skype or Zoom
        ● Personalized summary sent to you. 
Promotional Service $289 +tax where applicable

Sandra is a Personal Stylist for leaders, entrepreneurs, and for those who are ready to be styled to the next level. 
StyleSandra fills the room with energy and gives her clients her valuable tips on styling, how and what to wear for your authentic style.

Along with being an influencer and stylist, Sandra is also a radio host discussing the ins and outs on tips, styles and current fashions for 2020.



Do you have a love/hate relationship with shopping? And you are still buying the same things!  This is when I step in for the rescue, my services coach you to find 'your true style'. I will build your new look based on a personalized profile summary, create a mood board of your favourite looks, all the while empowering you. 


                ● Personalized Profile Summary.

                ● Personalized mood boards that we use as inspiration.

                ●Teach you how to update your look with styling tips & tricks.

                ● Action plan to keep you inspired.

                ● 4-hour in-person session with me. 

                ● Personalized summary sent to you. 


$599 +tax where applicable.   

There are many options

when it comes to

the type of help you 

could have. 

Take advantage of 




This 20 min call is 

designed to answer

all of your questions.

Simply book the day

and time best suited

for you and I will 

call you ! 



It's a new season! Same frustrations? And you are no closer to finding your style? But, you do have some idea of what you want. This package is a great way to keep your look updated and have all of the new trends on you.


        ● Personalized Profile Summary

        ● Personalized mood boards that we use as inspiration

        ●Detox - edit your wardrobe to kick-off the new look

        ● Shopping session with me or I use my expertise and select your new looks

        ● 10-hour session - deep dive  personalized styling

        ● Personalized summary sent to you

Book a FREE discovery call to discuss your needs.   

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Have you neglected your style and look to focus on the growth of your company solely? Did you place 'yourself' last? Moreover, you are holding on to clothing from 10 years ago! This package is taking your image, style, and personal brand to create a coherent powerful image in today's world. This package is the total transformational new you! 

        ●Personalized Profile Summary.
        ●Personalized mood boards that we use as inspiration.
        ●Detox your wardrobe to kick-off your season in style.
        ●Full access to transformational beauty 
        ●Full-service shopping & set-up with a one-on-one session at home.
        ●Access to a Photo-shoot session 
        ●Access to all professionals for beauty treatments.
        ●Digital look book with seasonal looks with all your new pieces
        ●A 20-hour session with more in-depth, personalized styling.
        ●Personalized summary sent to you. 


Book a FREE discovery call to discuss your need.   

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