10 Tips for Your Perfect Bra Fit

It is safe to assume, based on my years of experience, that you ladies have a hard time with bras. 

I bet you struggle with knowing how how they should feel, look, be worn, and how often to wash them.   


Based on a UK study, a whopping 72% of you are not wearing your bra the correct way. Most women go after bras that look sexy but forgo functionality.


Lets face it. A plain bra that is sleek, smooth at the edges, and still has its elasticity is sexy! 

Here are my top 10 tips to make sure you are showing off the 'sisters' in their best light! 

If you get one thing from this blog, be sure you buy the right one for your body type.If you don't know where to start, call your local stylist for a consultation. xx

"I am not sure this looks good on me!"


"What the heck am I going to wear to that party?"




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Perfect Bra = 10 lbs. lighter
Tip no. 1

The the right bra is crucial to making that dress look great. Choosing the right bra can be a difficult task but it can make you look 10 lbs. lighter. Isn't that worth the effort?
Bra Cup Size
Tip no. 2

This is surely one of the biggest challenges we have while shopping for a bra. Every brand has its own inch variation in cup size. Buy one brand and stick to it! Women usually prefer to choose a tight bra to give them a fuller look. This is not recommended. It creates an unbalanced visual reference and it simply isn't pretty. One of my main goals when we work together is to increase your confidence. Wearing a fitted top with a well-fitted bra looks stunning and does the job!
Need to Feel that Centre Bridge
Tip no. 3

A well-fitting bra holds you in place and gives you true support. We want a bra to keep our breasts in place, bring them to the forefront, and give them a nice lift. If the centre bridge is not touching your sternum, your bra is not doing its job. The front middle of the bra should sit firmly against your skin. This means that your breasts will be lifted and separated.
Support = No Pain. All Comfort
Tip no. 4

This should be a bit of a no-brainer, but it is not. When your breasts aren't properly supported then your back and neck muscles are going to be picking up the strain. Get fitted by your stylist and they will make sure the weight of your breasts is taken in the right place.
Band riding up on back
Tip no. 5

Important news flash: The back band of your bra needs to be in a straight line across your back — not ride up. This is not a case of just pulling your band down. If it rides up, you have the wrong bra for your body type.
Bye-Bye Bulk Shopping
Tip no. 6

Purchasing bras in bulk is not always a good idea as your breast-size changes frequently. My personal rule is to purchase two at a time. One black bra and one cream-coloured bra. And, I purchase them every eight months. Typically I time them when my favourite store has its sales.
Care and Maintenance
Tip no. 7

OK, I'm not going to tell you to wash your bras by hand..who has that kind of time? However there are things we can do to prolong a bra's life. For everyday wear — sitting and working at a desk — wash your bras between five and seven wears. For bras you wear on vacation, walking in the heat — wash immediately. When at home I use the gentle wash cycle and hang to dry. If you place them in the dryer, you are drying out the much needed elastic. Bad!
Sleeping with Your Bra — Well, Maybe
Tip no. 8

We have all had the thought…keep the sisters strong and wear a bra to bed! To be truthful if you are a D or larger then studies show wearing a bra to bed could do the job. Bigger breasts can flop sideways and pull the skin in a way that contributes to stretch marks. So, wearing a bra to sleep may slow the aging process very slightly. Personally, I don't enjoy wearing a bra to bed! Do what's comfortable for you.
Back Fat is the Bra's Fault
Tip no. 9

Many women mistakenly think that back fat is a flaw. Wrong! If you have back fat hanging over your bra, the bra's band is too small. When a bra's band is not right, it doesn't stay in the right place on your back. (Which is in-line with or a little lower than where it sits on your front.) When the band rides up it creates those dreaded back lumps. Meh.
How long to keep you bra
Tip no. 10

If you wear your bra three times a week, expect to replace it in six months. My advice is to go out, purchase a couple to start building your top drawer.
If you rotate between five to seven bras and hand-wash them, they should last a year, If you don't have time to hand-wash, you'll have to replace them more frequently.
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Band riding up on back

Tip no. 5 Important news flash: The back band of your bra needs to be in a straight line across your back — not ride up. This is not a case of just pulling your band down. If it rides up, you have the wrong bra for your body type.