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Who is StyleSandra

In 1995 Sandra co-founded a branch of European coaching and training company based in Montreal. Travelling around the world, coaching and training individuals, Sandra had an idea while in Slovakia. 

Sandra discovered a great need from men and women to dress for their body shape, colouring and creating professional looks together effortlessly. 

In a quick few years, Sandra has combined the coaching aspect with styling to improve confidence and help to guide people to allow them to see themselves powerfully. 


Today she is still driven by this passion!

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Clothes create powerful presents reflecting personal values & company position, leadership abilities and future goals. 

Consider your strategic position. 

Listening at the Meeting

Investing in your People - Assets

The success of your company is the function of the people. More than ever, the generation skill gap between other generations is a complex alignment. 

The value you add to the experience of your workforce will help with retention. 

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"Dress for the job - and life - you want."


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"Business casual is a vague definition of specific details"