Clothes create a powerful presence,

reflecting your personal values & position in the company

leadership abilities & most importantly YOUR future goals.

Consider your strategic advantage.

Your people represent the image of your organization.  


  • Good looking people earn 12% more money than those less attractive.

  • Attractive people are more confident and are more likely to take more chances & higher success rates. 

  • In a Harvard study, those who dressed professionally came across as more trustworthy. 

Investing in personal appearance is key to helping others perceive us correctly.


There was a massive announcement from a 152-year-old Goldman Sachs Group, inc. Who publicly announced their new' more relaxed' dress code in the business world. Now many other businesses are following 'suit'. 


We see this as a significant shift in the corporate world.

With a large majority of businesses now adopting a more western 'Business Casual' style of dressing, StyleSandra's team is assisting companies to transition from the more traditional business work style to a more modern and forward-thinking dress code with the aid of Corporate Coaching Service. 

Business Consultant

Why invest in Corporate Coach | Styling company?

With a business casual approach, there is much more room for interpretation. One person’s idea of business casual might be entirely different from another’s. One person might consider business casual as merely taking off a tie; however, someone else might think that a tee-shirt and blazer is deemed smart casual.


Without a clear guide in place, most businesses will find that their staff’s business casual definitions are far too broad. They will not achieve a cohesive look across the company. With help from StyleSandra, together, we create straightforward and easy to follow guides for your company. 

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"Dress for the job - and life - you want."


Personal Shopper & Stylist

What is Enclothed Cognition, and why is it being discussed here?​

A term coined by Hajo Adman and Adam D Galinsky in their experiment in 2012. It relates to the effect that clothing has on a person's mental process, how they think, feel, and function in attention, confidence or abstract thinking.  


Science now suggests that how we dress may be the difference between giving ourselves the extra edge in our professional and personal lives. The science applies to both sexes. 


The impact of Business Casual will affect the outcome of the individual's performance, if not understood!

With the help of StyleSandra, professional corporate styling is an invaluable investment. We understand the importance of style and passionately believe that projecting the right image within the working environment is key to a successful career. Essential to continue to dress for your success. 

Suited up = power up

Confident Business People
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"Business casual is a vague definition of specific details"




  • Personalized to each individual 

  • Travel - conference - office days

  • Choosing brands for body shape

  • Trends how to wear them

  • Accessories 


  • What to wear for all business occasions

  • Grooming for him and her 

These one-to-one sessions offer a more bespoke service tailored to the specific needs of each individual. We advise on all aspects of professional work attire and dressing for achievement, including dressing for your body shape and choosing the right brands.

This one-to-one experience is a perfect service for achieving company-wide accomplishments.

CONTACT STYLESANDRA for your personalized plan. 

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