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The Full-Service App for Your #OOTD


Are you creative and want to curate your looks? Yes, you can. Too busy and wish for our team to curate your style looks? Yes, we offer a service where we may upload monthly #ootd for your busy schedule. 

Complete inventory of your clothes on your phone; open your APP, and voila! Call it the 'on-demand styling.' Your Stylist will automatically upload your new products, and you, too, can upload your clothes! Simple - Easy - Seamless. 

I look forward to meeting you in your wardrobe!

Sandra xox


My stylist does it all!

My go-to app is Sandra's Style App! For the past years, my focus has been building my seven-figure for your clothes is a game-changer. With the upload of my clothes, Sandra's team creates my looks based on my schedule, personal style and preferences. 


...As a CEO ...I don't have time to wonder what to wear and never mind what are the trends...My phone app is simple, and freindy to use...She does it all for me.  The small investment is out-weighed by the time gained. 

Thank you, Sandra - You are the best.

Mrs. Abby T. - CEO



Join the growing list of people who enjoy the real talk from your stylist.


  Each package as been designed with you in mind.  The respective service best describes your pain point. What is your pain?  


Schedule a call to share your wardrobe mishaps and get understood by a professional. As your stylist, my support starts now! 

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