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Do you wish you knew how to dress for your body shape? How to put outfits together? 


You are not alone. Did you know you only wear between 15 - 20% of your clothes?   What if I told you that there is a service where you get 25 new outfits in 3 hours


It does exist with StyleSandra. 


In 1995 Sandra co-founded a branch of European coaching and training company based in Montreal. Travelling around the world, coaching and training individuals, Sandra had an idea while in Slovakia. 

Sandra discovered a great need from men and women to dress for their body shape, colouring and creating professional looks together effortlessly. 

In a quick few years, Sandra has combined the coaching aspect into styling to improve confidence and help to guide people to allow them to see themselves powerfully. 


Today she is still driven by this passion! 

"Harvard U study has confirmed that people who are put together are perceived as more credible & trustworthy." 

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styling, guiding, empowering

transform yourself

I help you to transform ideas into a personal brand you can be proud of

build, empower and style

I style you in ways that it is simple and accessible for easy maintenance

working your best angles

Learn your photo selfie side, how to pose and dressing for your body shape

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As a talented businesswoman and mother of two, Sandra Smith has worked in the style industry for more than 20 years. She has successfully assisted clients across Canada, the USA and Europe, as a personal stylist helping with truly life-changing transformations.


Gaining experience as an international business coach Sandra has an uncanny ability to quickly look at someone and know how to bring out their best features. Combine this with her extensive corporate training and coaching, which has enabled her to provide unparalleled style service. 


Today, Sandra can be found on the radio co-hosting on 105.1 Mikefm, playing a great tennis game or being available for her young children. 

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