21 Gotta Have Pieces  for 2018 

Just wait till you see what is about to pop up! From straw hats to fringe and so much more. But buyers beware — you don't need to have all of them! Below is a collection of pictures* assembled just for you. 

Growing up, I simply couldn't wait to go shopping and create my new image. But at 9 years of age, I knew I could never afford all the clothes I wanted from those Vogue magazines that I savored monthly.  


Instead, I found ways to create unique looks based on the trends.


In those days, while doing my personal shopping and finding pieces that uplifted me, I knew that one day I was going to help others to find their style.


Find your style — one of these image cards  must be calling out your name. If so, leave me a message below — I read all of them. 

Click on the image to start your slideshow. Remember to give me some comments below!

Grateful & thankful - 

*image source courtesy of Elle

  • Tired of standing in front of a full closet, unable to find anything to wear?

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  • Want to reinvent your look or take it to the next level? 

I'll help you choose pieces that compliment your personal style and work with your body type so you feel confident. We'll create a mix and match wardrobe so you can pull outfits together quickly. You'll also learn what to buy, saving you money and time to spend on more important things.

Take that first step and book a conversation to discuss what is possible. I'll offer you 4 tips to get you going immediately.

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