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21 Gotta Have Pieces  for 2018 

Just wait till you see what is about to pop up! From straw hats to fringe and so much more. But buyers beware — you don't need to have all of them! Below is a collection of pictures* assembled just for you. 

Growing up, I simply couldn't wait to go shopping and create my new image. But at 9 years of age, I knew I could never afford all the clothes I wanted from those Vogue magazines that I savored monthly.  


Instead, I found ways to create unique looks based on the trends.


In those days, while doing my personal shopping and finding pieces that uplifted me, I knew that one day I was going to help others to find their style.


Find your style — one of these image cards  must be calling out your name. If so, leave me a message below — I read all of them. 

Click on the image to start your slideshow. Remember to give me some comments below!

Grateful & thankful - 

Embellished Straps

Who needs a basic spaghetti strap when your shoulders can be decorated in rhinestones and pearls? Loving this one!


Fringe made its way in all different ways this season. There's a look for every comfort level. We see shredded tees, strips of sequins, and statement earrings.

Statement Straw Hat

Wow, someone is obsessed with the straw statement hat. Oversized and twisted into a bow, the beachy style is so much more than your basic Panama hat.

Haute Performance

The windbreaker is getting the high fashion treatment. The Top Gun textile even made an appearance as a retro skydiving suit.

Pink & Red

Millennial pink is everywhere this season but let's wear it with a pop of rouge. I am so going to work this one.


This multicoloured trend is approachable, mature, and most importantly, chic. My advice is buy quality.

Exposed Briefs

Some things are not pret-a-porte! The shorts this season bare it all with underwear meant to be seen.

Puffed Shoulers

The delicate puff-shoulder trend might be inspired by vintage-loving Instagram influencers! Warning: not for all body types!!

White Tank Top

Spring belongs to this scrappy sister: the white tank top. Despite its problematic nickname, (Hint: A Streetcar Named Desire may have inspired this alias.) the ribbed top is getting an upgrade with screen printing. It's also being layered under sheer florals. Yes!

Square Necklines

Squared up necklines are a subtle throwback to the Renaissance era. I read that this will appear in dainty cotton tops, cocktail wiggle dresses, and every style in between.


Plucky runway shows featured designs in marabou, making for a flirty look that takes flight next season.

Rubber style 2018

You'll never look at your mother's dishwashing gloves the same way again! Brands are taking rubberized materials and putting them in unexpectedly chic silhouettes, like a pair of Balenziaga Crocs. Meh!

Ruching style 2018

Rushing is so much more delicate. But buy cheap and it will show.

Asymmetrical Necklines

Seen at Altuzarra, Isabel Marant, and Prabal Gurung, this off-balanced silhouette dances along your shoulder, wraps around your neck, and twists around your collar bone. Simultaneously. Get ready for the asymmetrical neckline!

Fanny Pack

We can deny it no longer: the fanny pack is here to stay. No matter your aesthetic, there's a hip-slung bag for you. Strap on a sporty number!


Go clear this season with all your favourite designers. Chanel is working at convincing us we need a rain boot.


This soft purple hue is the next it-colour. It's showing up in knits, suiting, and whimsical formal wear.

White Suiting

The white suit isn’t just for prim and proper presidential events. Go for it!

Dark Denim Sets

We're not crazy enough to retire our vintage, light-wash Levi's, but dark denim is seeing a comeback.

X-Girl Sunglasses

Ready to channel your inner James-Bond girl?

White Polka Dots

Floral might be your go-to spring print but polka dots will be a close second come next year.

*image source courtesy of Elle

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